Bristol Metals makes a donation to JSB

Student leaders A. Looney, N. Hankins and L. Lewis, along with Mr. Pearman accepted a donation check from Bristol Metals Charities for over $3,000.

In the wake of 2017 Hurricanes Irma & Harvey, students at John S. Battle rose to the challenge and sent over 1300 cases of water to those affected. Bristol Metals was responsible for shipping the cases of water to those in need in both Florida and Texas.

Bristol Metals was so inspired by the selfless work of our JSB students and community that they wanted to give back. Through the efforts of their annual golf outing and fundraiser, they raised funds to be given back to the students and community here at John S. Battle.

Their donation(s) will be going towards scholarship funds, helping families in need and student activities here at the school! Thank you Bristol Metals!!