Staff & Faculty Immunization Clinics
The Mount Rodgers Public Health Wellness Team will be coming into the schools on September 16th and 17th to provide staff and faulty members flu, and Hepatitis A vaccinations. There will also be an option to receive a combination vaccine for Hepatitis A and B. Both of the Hepatitis vaccines will require follow up injections to complete the series. That schedule will be forthcoming. 
We may also be able to offer the shingles and pneumonia vaccines to individuals over 50 years of age, but I will need you to provide me with an estimated number of individuals interested in those vaccines. 
Here is the planned schedule:

Tuesday September 17
JBHS 8:00-8:45 am 

Student Flu Clinics
We have also already scheduled flu clinics for the student this October. Our 2019 flu clinics are scheduled for October 8. 9, and 10. I should receive a more specific schedule for each school sometime in September, and will send specifics out at that time.